The Arabic Definite Article ال and Solar Letters

How does the Definite Article (“the” in English) work in Arabic? Here is a short video that will show you the 3 key rules for pronunciation of ال, plus an explanation of the sun and moon letters. 

This 4 minute video will teach you a simple but important Arabic language concept (or review it for you if you already know it)

This is the first in a series of short videos explaining key grammatical concepts in Modern Standard Arabic. I will be releasing them on a monthly basis. This semester I am making time to work on this, and I hope to slowly build up a library of short, simple, effective teaching tools for Arabic. The Arabic definite article is the first stop on that journey.

For some of you, it may be the first time you’ve come across these rules. For others it will be a quick refresher. If you are not yet familiar with the Arabic alphabet, you can find a very basic introduction here.

Whatever the case, I hope it is helpful for you. Feel free to forward it on to any Arabic learners that you feel might benefit from it.

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Modern Standard Arabic Absolute Beginner's Course

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