Set fluency as your aim

Many Arabic learners undermine the steady progress they could be making by not having clear goals about what they want to learn in Arabic. Here’s a short video I’ve put together that talks about this.

Often, people start studying Arabic without actually believing that they can (eventually) become fluent!

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn Arabic, setting fluency as your ultimate goal helps you to make clear and steady progress. 

This video is based on chapter 1 of my book “15 Essential Skills of an Arabic Learner”. The manuscript of the book is currently being considered for publication by an unnamed university press (not too hard to figure out if you know where I teach!).

The 15 skills came out of a series of interviews that I did in 2015 with 6 internationally recognized Arabic language educators. And this first skill, having an end goal as you set out to learn, is something that all of my students at the university would tell that I force them to do. 🙂

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