Arabic Calligraphy Guide Available Again

Arabic Calligraphy Guide

Timeless Beauty الجمال الخالد


This past week as I was looking over my Arabic learning materials, I came across a guide to Arabic Calligraphy that I had put together about 2 years ago, shared with a few people, and then forgot about.

I actually really like this guide, and thought I’d share it with my readers.

It’s called Timeless Beauty (الجمال الخالد), and it gives a brief overview of the 8 main styles of Arabic calligraphy, with lots of colorful examples, and some background on the form, use, and history of each one. The reason that the beauty of the Arabic script is timeless is that unlike most other languages, its basic form has not changed over the centuries. Many of the calligraphy styles that are shown in this 17-page booklet were used by teachers, governors, religious leaders, merchants, philosophers, doctors, and other literate people over 1000 years ago.

You can read more about it on the Arabic Calligraphy page of this website.

Or, you can just go ahead and request the PDF below.

Timeless Beauty | الجمال الخالد

An Introduction to Arabic Scripts and Calligraphy

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