Arabic Interrogatives – Quiz Yourself!

Arabic Interrogatives Quiz

Modern Standard Arabic grammar

This week I am taking a break from writing about the 15 Essential Skills of an Arabic Learner, because I have been wanting to create some resources that can actually be used by learners.

A few people have asked me about resources for intermediate level learners, and this quiz is aimed toward that skill level. I hope it’s helpful for some (or even most) of you.


2 thoughts on “Arabic Interrogatives – Quiz Yourself!”

  1. The Alif and yay interrogative nearly got me twice. “Madtha” I knew, but have never heard it in coloquial speech. “Eh”seems to replace it, as in “Eh da?”

    1. That’s right Ramez… madha becomes ‘eeh’. I have wondered if the origin may be that the alternate form of madha which is li-madtha / لِمَاذا got shortened to “li-“, which got shortened to “eeh”. Just a theory.

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