15 Essential Skills book – free Wednesday to Saturday

15 Essential Skills of an Arabic Learner book cover

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that from Wednesday September 7 to Saturday September 10, 2022, you can get a copy of my book Fifteen Essential Skills of an Arabic Learner for free.

Happy start of your academic year!

What makes some people who try to learn Arabic succeed, while others fail? What will help you become fluent, where others have not been able to? This short book is based on the ideas shared by six internationally recognized leaders in the field of Arabic language learning as they were asked these questions. Their ideas are organized into four different categories: mindset, habits, systems, and interactions. As you launch your journey of learning Arabic, or continue to press forward in it, these skills will prove invaluable to you as you work towards fluency in the Arabic language. It is not a technical book about the Arabic language (which most aspiring Arabic learners usually start with). It is a book about how you can learn Arabic successfully. If you incorporate these 15 skills into your Arabic-learning approach, you will become fluent much more quickly.

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