15 Essential Skills of an Arabic Learner

Learn Arabic - 15 Essential Skills of an Arabic LearnerWhat’s the difference between people who succeed at learning Arabic, and those who don’t?

I interviewed 6 renowned Arabic language teaching experts, including authors of books like the well known Al-Kitaab series, and asked them this question. They answered me based on their experience with thousands of Arabic learners over decades of teaching. From their answers, I wrote a short summary of the things they talked about that can help you become fluent in Arabic.

The 15 skills include:

  • Mindsets
  • Habits
  • Systems for learning
  • Types of interactions

I really enjoyed researching and compiling this short overview. It is made up of a brief description of each of the 15 skills, and a schematic of how they all fit together. By implementing each of the habits, mindsets, systems, and types of interaction, I think you’ll find yourself making real progress in learning Arabic.

The people interviewed include (in alphabetical order):

Go further with the 15 skills

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