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Egyptian Arabic Absolute Beginner's Course
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Egyptian Arabic is a spoken language that is highly interactive.  The culture is outgoing, fun, and very conversational. This short workshop is a short instructional workshop that will take you 3-6 hours to complete. It will build your first 100 words of vocabulary, and familiarize you with some important cultural and phonetical aspects of Egyptian Arabic.

You will learn how to engage in simple, friendly conversations that signal respect for the person and the culture, and an eagerness to learn.

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When you take this course...

You learn beginner's Arabic

You have what it takes to learn Arabic. This Egyptian Arabic course will enable you to take your first steps to actually interacting in Arabic, by adding simple words and phrases to your conversations.

You engage with Egyptians and their culture

You love learning, exploring, and experiencing people and society from the eyes of someone from that culture. You're not the kind of person who likes to sit on the sidelines and have no idea what's going on, or is content to live isolated from the world around you. This course will open doors for you to engage with Egyptians and their culture firsthand.

You thrive and live a healthier, more fulfilling life in Egypt

Communication and understanding are keys to thriving. When you begin to be able to put your needs into simple words, and understand the ways in which people are responding to you, life gets better. You are healthier, happier, and better adapted. And that makes your time in Egypt not just survivable, but enjoyable.

You save time

Your schedule and your time are important. This Egyptian Arabic course takes place on your schedule, in the location you choose. It's a perfect setup for getting your feet wet in the language and learning some basics, without the hassle of inflexible class schedules and commute times.

You save money

Investing in your own education is one of the best things you can do. But who doesn't appreciate saving money when that's an option? This course costs significantly less than typical "survival Arabic" courses. That's because the content has been carefully curated to just give you the initial essentials. Many learners pay for programs and courses that they can't fully absorb or complete. This course is a safe first investment that will allow you to see if you want to continue further or not.

5 Stars
This workshop is well structured and explained, easy to follow and has plenty of material for your revision. I loved that the explanations and new words are supported by pictures, sound and Arabic writing. Great work! - Simone S., Switzerland

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This course is a short instructional workshop that will take you 3-6 hours to complete. It will build your first 100 words of vocabulary, and familiarize you with some important cultural and phonetical aspects of Egyptian Arabic.

Section 1: Introduction

Lesson 1 - Introduction to the workshop (02:39)
Lesson 2 - Goals, objectives and format (02:01)

Section 2: Quick Start - Greetings

Lesson 3 - Greetings Part 1 (06:49)
Lesson 4 - Greetings Part 2 (05:52)

Section 3: Foundations for Learning

Lesson 5 - Mindset shift: You really can learn Arabic (01:38)
Lesson 6 - Egyptian Arabic - the way it's actually used (01:04)
Lesson 7 - Sounds used in Egyptian Arabic (09:21)
Lesson 8 - Egyptian Arabic - Writing and Transliteration (Article)
Quiz 1 - Foundations for Learning Quiz

Section 4: First interactions - Goodbyes (completing our Quick Start section)

Lesson 9 - Goodbye Part 1 (05:57)
Lesson 10 - Goodbye part 2 (06:52)
Quiz 2 - Greetings and Goodbyes Quiz

Section 5: Engaging in small conversations

Lesson 11 - How are you? (09:40)
Lesson 12 - Responses to 'How are you?' (08:02)
Lesson 13 - Polite expressions that engage people (14:33)
Quiz 3 - Engaging In Small Conversations Quiz

Section 6: Expanding your interactions in Egyptian Arabic

Lesson 14  - Yes and no, and questions (13:57)
Lesson 15 - People and things (pronouns) (07:46)
Lesson 16 - Counting from 1 to 10 (05:33)
Lesson 17 - Counting from 11 to 100 (12:50)
Lesson 18 - Cognates - fast forwarding your vocabulary (08:48)
Quiz 4 - Expanding Your Interactions Quiz

Section 7: Next Steps

Lesson 19 - Your next steps to mastering Egyptian Arabic (01:56)

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